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Everything about plastic windows

Metal-plastic windows are one of the important elements of the house, promoting creation of comfortable conditions of residing

They give necessary illumination and openness, allow to enjoy a fine kind on surrounding nature. Thus the size, the windows form and colour are very important in creations of unique design of any architectural structure.

When the customer is counted a window, he is offered to be defined with some details. For example: the profile system, accessories kind, appearance etc. Frequently the organization-manufacturer has some profile systems and it is not obligatory one brand. It can be 3 and 4 chamber profile system or presence of different colour scale or various designs.

According to building rules, light minimum quantity arrives inside if the area of all glass surfaces in the sum makes 10-12.5 % of a total area of a premise surface. Optimum conditions of illumination on physiological indicators are reached at the window width equal of 55 % of living room width.

So, it is important to plan precisely at the initial stage the sizes, a kind and an arrangement of windows, and also the light exposure plan. Do not forget and about the form of window frames.

In order that even sitting, not making additional efforts it is possible to look out outside, an overhead edge of the window back must be on height of 90-100 sm. Depending on the height of apartment an window overhead edge element is on height of 200-220sm, abandoning a place for building of window lintel, window curtains or roller box.

Possible making parts of PVC-design:

  1. A frame is a motionless part of a design which fastens in an aperture with the help of dowels or anchoring plates. All construction keeps on the frame.
  2. A leaf is an opening element of a window. The double-glazed window is fixed in leaves with the help of string glazing beads. On it the accessories are located
  3. Transom – bar is intended for division of the frame into contours in which the leaf can be made.
  4. String glazing bead is intended for fixation of a double-glazed window and the sandwich-panel in design PVC-design.
  5. A double-glazed windowis a translucent window part
  6. Transom bar (leafing sash) is a divider of leaf on contours
  7. Sandwich-panel is a non-transparent part of a window
  8. Completing - a set of additional elements (window sills, ebbs, visors, accessories elements etc.)

Depending on the established accessories the following kinds of windows are distinguished:

  1. Folding windows - open from above. They are used on ladder flights where leafing windows can become a danger source, in cellars, and also in premises where open shutters of a window can disturb. These windows should be easily accessible to leaving and cleaning both from within, and outside.
  2. Rotary and rotary-folding windows – unlike rotary windows which open only in one direction, the big distribution have received rotary-folding windows. They can both to open in a premise turn and to lean back.
  3. The windows opening in both parties. This is a window opening in both parties, rotates around its axes in a horizontal and vertical plane. This kind of windows especially approaches for windows of the big sizes. If this variant is chosen, track please, that the window could be fixed in various positions.
  4. Multileaves windows - double leaf windows which are mainly opened be turn or lean back. Pay attention to correct proportions of both leaves. A recommended parity of width of leaves 3:5. This proportion corresponds a golden mean - correlation of sizes, peculiar fine art, perceived most people as most successful and proportional.
  5. Motionless (deaf) windows – there is possibility to block one of leaf not open. Such leaf can be made initially motionless - the deaf.

It is important to keep in mind a correct proportion of a window, after all it is safe functioning of a window for many years.

If the sizes of windows are too big then in the opened state the accessories and a frame design will suffer some superfluous loading from weight of double-glazed windows. If opened window leaves are stretched deep into rooms on considerable distance it can create additional problems, especially in small premises.

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