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Equipment for manufacture of metal-plastic windows
Equipment for manufacture of double-glazed windows
Accessories and spare parts for the equipment, industrial brushes

Requirements to the apartment where metal-plastic windows and doors, double-glazed windows are ma

1. Room measure
2. Ceiling height
3. Temperature and humidity in a room
4. Ventilation
5. Illumination
6. Electric wiring
7. Pneumatic arrangement
8. Water-supply
9. Equipment of workplace(machine-tool)
10. PVC-profile storage

1. Room measure

Room measure depends on chosen line and technology of production style. Placing of equipment must be produced taking into account all technical standards.

The sizes of a premise are intensified from 100sq.m to 1500sq.m, depending on production capacities.

A maximum deviation of floor surface planeness is not more than one centimeter

2. Ceiling height

Desirable ceiling height of a premise no less than 3 metres.

3. Temperature and humidity in a room

Temperature should be not lower +17-20 . The given requirements are connected with technological process of welding PVC-profiles, and also with certain to parameters to manufacture of double-glazed windows.

It is necessary to avoid high humidity and low temperature simultaneously because it leads to condensate formation on cold glass surfaces

4. Ventilation

Presence of ventilation system with 3 multiple air exchange during 8 hour working shift. It is important to specify that at double-glazed windows manufacturing the maximum calculated air exchanges are calculated for assimilation of harmful substances. Except general exchange ventilation in premises local ventilation takes place.

5. Illumination

Presence of the general and over each workplace illumination, in particular at separate machine tools. It is desirable the daylight lamps.

6. Electric wiring

In a premise in which it is located an industrial line, it is necessary to establish an electric board (equipped with the central knife switch). It is expedient to make divided power supplies, for premise illumination. Each separate unit of equipment of company Technowin includes automatic switches that raises operation safety of an industrial line as a whole.

Some equipment need voltage 380 V/50 Hz. It is important to specify that all wires in an industrial premise should pass in metal pipes. In shop there should be a grounding bus-bar. Each machine tool should be equipped by the grounding made by a rigid wire, connected to the grounding bus-bar.

7. Pneumatic arrangement
- maximum pressure - 8 atmospheres
- productivity from 159 l/minutes
- receiver from 100 litres.

Compressor should be in the separate taken away premise (probably outside of a premise) All pneumomain should be made with a stock on pressure in 2 times exceeding norm (to 16 atmospheres). For simplicity of installation and main operation hose of a high pressure is madefrom the reinforced PVC.

It is not recommended to use steel pipes (as under the condensate influence in them slime is formed which hammers in pneumatic filters or gets to pneumatic drives of machine tools that badly affects equipment service life).

For uniform pressure guaranteeing on all sites of a main, a ring pneumomain is recommended.

Connection of hoses is recommended to be carried out with special connectors. It is necessary to make pneumoseparation at some height upper the floor for the purpose of reduction of condensate formation.

8. Water supply

Technical cycle of using water is closed. Water change can be made by means of portable capacities or in the presence of a water pipe by means of a hose

9. Equipment of a workplace (machine tool)

Presence of the automatic switch for emergency power cutoff. Air intake with a regulator of pressure and the special greasing device.

An air-cleaning pistol for equipment clearing (is a part of the equipment "Technowin"). A trap is on a floor of a working zone.

Dust content level of an industrial premise influences quality of a double-glazed window, so, damp daily cleaning of a premise therefore is recommended.

10. PVC-Profile storage

On manufacture profiles should be stored on special rigid racks to avoid sagging and as consequence of a curvature. PVC-profiles cannot be stored open-air. It is necessary to avoid the big differences of the temperatures caused by overheat of solar beams and overcooling during winter time. Height laid in pile profiles is a maximum to 1 metre.

The profile should be out of an operative range of heating devices and direct solar beams. The temperature indoors should be not below a mark of + 17 degrees. If to work with a profile at temperature below specified above, it can lead to infringement of quality of PVC-design. Indoors necessarily there should be a fire board with working means of suppression: a box for sand, the fire extinguisher, a fire axe. Presence of the first-aid set for rendering of the first medical aid.