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About double-glazed windows with taste

Double-glazed window - is an airtight design with two or three sheets of glass connected on perimeter by a remote framework where absorbent (dryer) is filled up For the first time the double-glazed window appeared in 1865 and T.Stetson got the patent N49167 for the working out.

Since then the set of various types of insulating glass has been developed.

For today such kinds of double-glazed windows are most known:

  • two or three sheets of glass;
  • internal hermetic on the basis of butyl (not allow to penetrate gaseous substances and evaporations into a package);
  • secondary (is on an outer side) hermetic on a polysulphidic basis (raises durability and reliability of glass edges, creates reliable protection against a moisture);
  • remote framework - precisely establishes identical distance between glass sheets (on the quality standard – nearby 5mm);
  • dryer (absorbent) - it absorbs moisture in the panel and interferes with condensate formation
  • angular connectors (are fixture for a remote framework).

Plastic windows with double-glazed windows have a number of powerful advantages:

  • reduce noise level indoors for 25-50 dB;
  • reduce heat losses for 40-60 %;
  • do not become misted over and do not freeze even at very low temperature (at correct observance of service conditions of plastic windows)
  • allow to realize any design ideas and to make any window more original (thanks to internal decorative apportions of various forms and colour scales).

In end it is necessary to tell that the double-glazed window any more is not for a long time translucent simply a component of a usual window, it becomes the integral particle of a modern architectural structure.

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