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Equipment for manufacture of metal-plastic windows
Equipment for manufacture of double-glazed windows
Accessories and spare parts for the equipment, industrial brushes

About company

Build boom on territory of the CIS countries, breaking out on the joint of millenniums, demanded the enormous amount of materials and articles including PVC constructions from domestic producers. Demand on metal-plastic windows, doors, partitions grew in hundreds of times and presently it continues to grow.

Naturally, that the decision of this task is impossible without the special modern high-performance equipment, allowing to make high-quality articles.


The modern market offers equipment considerable quantity as "notable" firms, and to anybody of unknown import "masterpieces" of garage manufacture. And here before the beginning manufacturer, and sometimes and before the manufacturer with the experience there is a question: WHAT ALL THE SAME TO CHOOSE?

We are not going to give any advices but only we will try to explain why at such saturation of the market the equipment for processing of PVC profile and manufacturing of double-glazed windows a lot of manufacturers of light transparent designs prefer exactly the equipment to the science-industrial group chnowin.

More details about Research-and-production group TechnoWIN

At the end of 90th of the last century in small Ukrainian town Mogilev-Podolsk that is located in the southwest of Vinnitsa area, the group of engineers and highly skilled workers has united for performance of a problem which to themselves have formulated and have put: to develop and put on manufacture the equipment for manufacture of metal-plastic windows, doors, partitions and double-glazed windows.


We will not tire our dear visitor with "way stages", "difficulties of growth" etc. We will notice only that now research-and-production group "TechnoWIN" is the dynamically developing enterprise which main "counter" is the collective of skilled engineers-designers and technologists, managers, and highly skilled workers, with certain ambitions and desire to work in the chosen field.

Good technical base (more than 40 units of the metal-working equipment including machine tools with NCD), modern technologies (powder painting, galvanic manufacture), in a combination to technically competent staff, allow to develop and make production of high level.


Accessories of known world manufacturers such as:
"Festo" (Germany)
"Schneider" (Germany)
"Mitsubishi" (Japan)
"SKF" (Sweden)
"Camozzi" (Italy), etc., guarantee qualitative work of the equipment throughout the long period.

And in case of occurrence of the questions connected with operation, service and equipment repair, doubtless advantage to the Ukrainian consumer the geographical affinity of the enterprise is, possibility of operative reception of the information and the technical help is direct from the developer and the manufacturer, instead of from the trading intermediary.

Our experts will give you the qualified consultation and help to resolve all arisen problems.

For especially refined customers we are ready to develop and make the equipment in obedience to your technical requirement specification and other wishes.