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Equipment for manufacture of metal-plastic windows
Equipment for manufacture of double-glazed windows
Accessories and spare parts for the equipment, industrial brushes

Prospects of the window market

Mass increase in volumes of building in the Ukrainian market affects positively development of the window industry - on manufacture of metal-plastic and double-glazed windows. Under forecasts the branch expects the further growth and manufacturers of the given segment are awaiting for integration and the further growth.

Development of the Ukrainian window market occurs quickly enough. We can say that for today in our country the normal market of PVC-designs was generated.

And it has big enough prospects as consumer ability of the population grows every day and at the same time people has necessity to change wooden windows on modern metal-plastic ones which have improved technical and functional characteristics.

Metal-plastic windows get the increasing popularity in Ukraine and the CIS countries, thanks to the functional properties.

Wed like to note the stable growth of the market of PVC-profiles and the equipment. Every year these indicators make 15-40 %. All the known fact that in season peak a lot of big manufacturers and dealers could not satisfy completely raised demand for PVC-profile. Though some experts asserted that fast growth already behind, but the tendency of powerful growth of manufacturers will remain and within the next 3-5 years!

All organizations must increase the capacities. At the given stage of development of window sector there is toughened enough "war". In struggle for superiority manufacturers aim at business integration: integration of the enterprises takes place, all new and new shops are opened, the most reliable and functional equipment is bought.

It is important to specify that closer and mutually advantageous to cooperation with partners will lead to success any organization. Also it is not necessary to forget that training is a necessary component of partner business.

Also it is not necessary to forget that the window business is the business seasonal. It comes since summer months and comes up to the end of November-December, and the biggest peak of consumer demand is in September. That is way we advise to open a shop at the season beginning that capacities have earned on all of 100 %.

Financial level of the Ukrainian population though and slowly but nevertheless improves and together with it their requirements grow also. Not only the cost of window but also reliability of products matters today. It makes very strong impact on the window market.

We are assured that in the near future the largest manufacturers of the metal-plastic windows and double-glazed windows will pay attention to monitoring systems of PVC-profile quality and buy only the qualitative and functional equipment that will allow to become as a result leaders in the given segment of the market. Though there are also a number of very serious problems:

Almost in each region there are dealers and secondhand dealers who sell PVC-profile of a doubtful origin and bad quality that directly affects windows. Besides every year official representations or the organizations-dealers are opened, they offer glass pack and PVC equipment under enough tempting price, and the majority of manufacturers buy the given machine tools at own risk. After some run there is its physical deterioration and through short enough term the doubtful equipment demands repair or correction. And if the given breakage has happened during a season the organization will incur very much heavy losses. It is not necessary to forget and about guarantee certificates which are not carried out by the organizations-secondhand dealers and as consequence manufacturers of windows have one more problem repair not the qualitative equipment and its prompt sale.

But full-grown consumer ability gives the chance his informing thanks to what the industrial organizations can find reliable PVC-profiles suppliers and manufacturers of the equipment.

The companies do not forget about selection of workers. After all more and more heads concern the personnel as to the valuable capital of the enterprise. In the industrial organizations special motivational systems of the personnel, and also system of its training and development in the enterprise are developed.

Company Technowin is one of leaders in the domestic market among manufacturers of the equipment for PVC-designs manufacturing: windows and doors and also double-glazed windows. Several years ago it was impossible to present that the large enterprise will have the location in Mogilev-Podolsk, but now it is absolutely justified. Company Technowin enters more and more innovations into domestic mechanical engineering. We are engaged in manufacture of given production throughout 5 years, but we should make still much, after all manufacturing of plastic windows and double-glazed windows is the most profitable and a business perspective view!