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Equipment for manufacture of metal-plastic windows
Equipment for manufacture of double-glazed windows
Accessories and spare parts for the equipment, industrial brushes

Line of glass washing and assemblage of double-glazed window 26001600 - NEW

Novelty of season - the Semi-automatic line of washing of glass and assemblage of a double-glazed window ˳

Description and structure:

Section of giving of glass in washing 26001600 - 01
Machine for glass washing 1600
Section of acceptance of glass 26001600 - 02
Accumulative Section 26001600-01 (option)
Stand of semi-automatic assemblage of double-glazed window 26001600 - 01
Automatic panel press 26001600 - 01
Acceptance of double-glazed window section 26001600 02
Tilter of double-glazed window 26001600 (option)


Operation direction of from left to right
Washing compartment with the closed top
Soundproofed washing chamber
Soundproofed compartment of drying of glass
Four brushes technological scheme of glass washing (2+2)
Adjustment of speed of glass movement
Two-chamber reservoir for water with electro heating made from stainless steel
Electronic system for the control and water level regulation
Closed two-circuit system of recirculation of water
Two-level system of water treating in recirculation contour
Soundproofed fan of glass drying
Additional heating of draining air (option)
Equal shaping by means of system of panel pressing
Automatic control of shaping effort depending on the sizes of a double-glazed window
Review of functions of washing machine and press by means of the electronic panel
Option: Tilter a double-glazed window

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