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Equipment for manufacture of metal-plastic windows
Equipment for manufacture of double-glazed windows
Accessories and spare parts for the equipment, industrial brushes


  • Single head welding machine
  • Profile cutting machine-tool
  • Universal milling machine-tool
  • Automatic machine for glazing bead cutting
  • Manual machine for cleaning corner
  • Line for double-glazed window
  • Glass washing machine
  • Bending device of distances
  • Double-glazed window tilter
  • Glass cutting table
  • Hermetic sealing table
  • Machine-tool for profile cutting
  • One-side-planning machine-tool
  • Automatic machine for glazing beads cutting
  • Stand for assemblage of window blocks
  • Brushes for glass washing machines
  • Door strip brushes (packers)
  • Brushes for PVC tables
  • Disk brushes
  • Packing brushes
  • Abrasive nylon brushes

About company


Build boom on territory of the CIS countries, breaking out on the joint of millenniums, demanded the enormous amount of materials and articles including PVC constructions from domestic producers.