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Equipment for manufacture of metal-plastic windows
Equipment for manufacture of double-glazed windows
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The personnel for the organization of window manufacture

In given article we will try to describe necessary quantity of the personnel for creation of successful manufacture of PVC designs and double-glazed windows, and also we will shortly describe the primary goals of each separate worker.

1) Shop superintendent (manufacture)

- higher technical education;
- operational experience on window manufacture;
- operational experience with PVC-windows (knowledge of a work cycle of manufacture) is desirable.

Primary goals:

- control and coordination of all industrial working sectors
- work upon improvement of technical shop base

2) Main production engineer

- higher technical education
- knowledge of the "know-how" of PVC-constructions and double-glazed windows;
- PC knowledge (a package of office programs, the settlement program, and others);
- experience in performance of calculations (laying-out, statics, drawing up of engineering specifications for manufacture etc.)


- coordination of technological manufacture process;
- checking and preparation of orders for execution (calculation, preparation of the industrial task, check of its performance in time);
- control over a warehouse condition;
- possibility realization of all necessary purchases.

3) Processing engineer:

- higher technical education
- operational experience and ability of repair - electricians, pneumatic, hydraulics, electronics;
- knowledge of technological manufacturing process of PVC windows and doors.


- repair and service of the machines park and a shop room.

4) Manufacture Manager:

- higher or average technical education
- knowledge of manufacture process of PVC-construction
- PC knowledge (a package of office programs, accounting and warehouse programs, calculation, etc.)
- knowledge of all goods manufacture nomenclature;


- reception and issue of goods;
- the control of necessary accessories for manufacture.

5) Foreman

- higher or average technical education;
- knowledge of technological process.


- control after execution of orders and quality on the area;
- performance of all necessary industrial necessary problems

6) Also depending on volumes of output on the given industrial sector should work:
- some masters for more detailed control at each production phase:
- foreman of a gauger brigade,
- master of PVC section,
- master of double-glazed windows section,
- head of a fitter brigade,
- workers (including gaugers and fitters)


- excellent knowledge of technological process


- qualitative performance of the entrusted function;
- terms observance;
- responsibility.

7) Maintenance personnel (loaders, cleaners, department of marketing, etc.)

It is important to specify that all personnel before the admission on manufacture is obliged to pass full instructing in safety precautions, to receive accurate personal duties, to study the necessary engineering specifications, in order to avoid the further misunderstanding.

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