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Equipment for manufacture of metal-plastic windows
Equipment for manufacture of double-glazed windows
Accessories and spare parts for the equipment, industrial brushes

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» Window exhibition - Fensterbau frontale 2008
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Accessories for the equipment, industrial brushes

More infornation about brushes you can find – Industrial brushes Sarkfirca

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Brushes for glass washing machines, ТехноWIN Brushes for glass washing machines of any sizes

For standard glass, and also for glass with covering Low-E (softer)

For washing of glass we propose a choice of such brushes:

- type-setting
- wound

There is a possibility of manufacturing of the individual order, under your drawings.
Door strip brushes (packers), ТехноWIN Door strip brushes (packers)
Strip brushes are established for improvement of sound and thermal isolation in lodgments.
Brushes are used for installation in door and balcony designs, garage collars, industrial buildings etc.
Brushes for PVC tables Brushes for PVC tables
They are used for installation on assembly and transporting tables of PVC designs.

Brushes for the textile industry, ТехноWIN Brushes for the textile industry
Jewellery brushes , ТехноWIN Jewellery brushes
Packing brushes, ТехноWIN Packing brushes
Disk brushes, ТехноWIN Disk brushes
Abrasive nylon brushes, ТехноWIN Abrasive nylon brushes