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Machine for glass washing - NEW

Novelty - Glass washing machine ММС of 1700

Control panel


• Operation direction of from left to right
• Rigid frame of a design
• Washing compartment with the closed top
• Parts of the design which contact with water are from stainless steel
• Soundproofed compartment of glass drying
• 4 brushes technological scheme of glass washing (2+2)
• Identical force of brushes contact with glass
• Adjustable glass transport speed
• Soundproofed case of the fan of glass drying
• Electronic monitoring system and water level regulations
• Closed two-circuit system of recirculation of water
• Corrosion-proof volumes with heaters
• Elements of the machine design not contacting to water are painted by powder enamel

Soundproofed case of the fan of glass drying - Glass washing machine, ТехноWIN

Technical characteristics:

• Product Type: stationary
• Speed of glass giving – 0.5-10 m/mines
• Speed of brushes rotation - 140 rpm
• Maximum size of processing glass, mm 1600х2500
• Thickness of processing glass, mm: 3-6
• Speed of glass conveying, m/mines: 0.5-10

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